Secondary NS on Hurricane Electric

Hi all,

Want to set up on the Hurricane Electric for secondary DNS services but keep on getting error messages.

Below is steps I’ve taken. Can anyone point out what I am missing:

  1. on box / Custom DNS / Using a secondary nameserver xfr:”

First part is the HE nameserver to use as secondary
Second is to allow AFXR from the MiaB machine to HE

  1. on HE DNS

“add slave”

Domain name - [[my domain]] (no box/ns - just the plain name)
Master #1 -[[my domain]]

Been trying different combinations of the above but always end up with “You must delegate to one of the slave nameservers”

Have you pointed the nameservers at your domain registrar correctly? In other words, replaced with

This is just a guess as I haven’t used Hurricane Electric for Secondary DNS, but they may check the delegation as a part of the onboarding process.

Yeh I did that. I think perhaps problems must be at HE end since I managed to find another provider and verified that AFXRs are working fine from MiaB.

Ok, great! My recommended provider is currently unless you want a paid provider.

I have written a new guide to Secondary DNS to replace the long defunct link in the setup guide. I just need to get it formatted to look good and get it online … someday.

Cool - I used

Both (what a name!) and the above seem pretty good for keeping things simple while still giving access to raw info if needed