Secondary nameserver with Buddyns failed


I am trying to get BuddyNS as a second nameserver but whatever I do I get an: “AXFR queries FAILED” while trying to enable AXFR transfer to BuddyNS.
Unfortunately the tutorial from m4rcs is not longer available on the website. Does anyone have a copy of the tutorial or can anyone point me in the right direction?


You could use Puck.nether and/ or 1864 instead. Both are FREE, too

I too would love to see this original guide, so if anyone has it saved/archived, please share. I am considering creating a replacement but haven’t found the time to test everything yet.

I think the problem is not with BuddyNS but my box which keeps failing the transfer to any secondary server.
Tried several options in /etc/bind/named.conf.options but no change.


This worked for me, now my DNS transferred correctly to BuddyNS.
On your MIAB go to Custom portal, System, Custom DNS, Using a secondary nameserver
Hostname: xfr: xfr: xfr: xfr: xfr:

where can be found on
and all the ip addresses on

From the same page on the MIAB:

To enable zone transfers to additional servers without listing them as secondary nameservers, add xfr:IPADDRESS

This will adjust the /etc/nsd/zones.conf file on your box.

Good luck

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How is the second name server listed at your registrar? Is it or

At my registrar you can list 8 nameservers but I just listed 2:


BuddyNS offers a paid Vanity DNS so you can use

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