Save a copy & forward

In Mail-in-a-Box, how can I save a copy and forward email? Please don’t mention Roundcube filters; this needs to be a permanent setup managed through the admin panel.

When I tried to add an alias, it does not save the copy.

I don’t think the current Mail-in-a-Box software supports this using only the admin panel.

Have you tried adding an alias as well as having a mailbox user? When you set the alias up, make sure that it forwards to itself as well as the other destination(s). This will accomplish what you desire.

Do you mean adding the same email as an alias and a forwarded address (as 2 records)?

Yes, I tried that too, but it’s still the same.

It should look like this:

But my concern is that MiaB does not use SRS so your forwarded to somewhereelse@otherdomain.tld emails my not be reliable, which is why it is suggested to use Roundcube filters. Actually, you should be able to use a combination of both.

And of course you need the underlying inbox …

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