Safe to directly upgrade from v0.14. to v0.17c?

Hi, I am currently using v0.14 mail-in-a-box on my server. And I would like to upgrade to the latest version v0.17c.
Now, I am not sure is it safe to run “curl -s | sudo bash” directly upgrade the version or is there any procedures I should do before run the command above? Thank you so much.

Hey, I was in a similar situation having reminders indicate that my SSL certificate was soon expiring and required renewal and that I was going from version 0.13 to 0.17c. Josh has outlined the steps needed here I followed the recommendations to use apt-get update and upgrade. I also did a reboot then I finally ran the curl command. Logged back in and saw that everything had been updated. After which I provisioned my ssl in just a few clicks and this went well also. Great work and thanks to Josh for such a rock solid system and I hope that gives you some confidence with your upgrade.


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