S3 Bucket Amazon installation folder

Hello, I’ve just landed here.
I’ve sen since 2016 that @dwidman

talked about using S3 bucket to store the maildata.
As a first approach I’ve:

  1. Change the STORAGE_ROOT variable before installing.
  2. Run the setup.sh installation.

The installation starts but after showing me the box.domain.com it jumps out and gives me an input/output error.

chmod: changing permissions of ‘/mnt/folder-test’: Input/output error

I’ve checked the S3 permission in Amazon and I can list the bucket, etc…
Has anyone done this installation in an S3 Bucket or similar? Like Azure Blob, Google Cloud storage…?

I’d like to have this project going as for big amount of folders and big size ones, it’s the cheapest solution.

Thank you in advance.

PS: I mount the s3 bucket with s3fs

I think that the ultimate conclusion in that thread in 2016 was that it was not really practical. I suspect that the same is true today… You’d be much better off using a storage VPS (be careful that it is KVM and NOT OVZ).

The user in that old post had 250 users, so a much more powerful VPS is needed as well. How many users are you planning for?

For example, I can spec out a 2gb RAM VPS with 1tb storage for $12/mo. I haven’t priced any storage VPS though but decent deals can be found.

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