S3 Backup Error - hostname doesn't match either of

Tip for anyone using S3 for backups using MIAB version 0.40 on Ubuntu 18.04

If you receive the following error when trying to set up your backup, you will have to create a new bucket that doesn’t have any dots “.” in the bucket name.

I just upgraded from an older version of MIAB and the existing bucket I was using under version 0.2x wouldn’t work and I had to create a new bucket without the dots.

I think the issue relates to a certificate problem, but I’m not 100% sure.


Very good to know! Just ran into this too

Anybody using Wasabi? How?

My understanding is that the API is essentially the same, however the end point will be different. As MIAB has a dropdown for the region selector, I don’t think you could make use of this with Wasabi.

You can’t by default because you can’t setup a custom endpoint in current config. then Amazon S3 is the single one currently available …

Hope this helps.

Wasabi is an alternate to Amazon S3. Same protocols, but maybe 1/5 the price. No egress charges.

I am using it with arqbackup.


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