S/MIME encryption

can mail in a box do S/MIME and if so how do I turn it on

some help would be nice

SMIME encryption is handled by the client, I believe, not the server.

It looks to be done by the server

This is what you looking for?

no im looking for server support

I also just noticed, google now show gray padlock or green on every incoming message.

would be amazing to have this working smoothly on my mainabox / webmail

Looks like Roundcube are working on the issue. be it very very slowly…

Could do this…

@blinkingline is correct when he says S/MIME (and PGP for that matter) is handled by the client and not the server. Some clients are a pain too as Outlook stores S/MIME keys in the Global Address Book, rather than an individuals address book. As such the only account of reliably ever gotten S/MIME working with anything using Outlook is with an outlook.com account.

Roundcube is an IMAP client that runs off the web server, rather than the mail server. There is an Enigma plugin which is installed, BUT not enabled, however the plugin currently only supports PGP rather than S/MIME.

I’ve used S/MIME previously with other clients, including Thunderbird