Running MIAB v55 and old backups are not deleting

Have backup files from over a month ago in the backup directory and the system is set to only keep 3 days of backups?

Is there a known issue? Am assuming I can just delete files from last month?

Thanks for any advice on this!

If you mean the files in /home/user-data/backup/encrypted/, those are managed by MiaB.

yes it is files in that directory, but there are files all the way back to Nov 8 even though a full backup was done on Dec 10 and another incremental on Dec 11. It seems the incremental and fulls prior to Dec 10 should be deleted/cleaned up automatically?

Is it ok to clean those up if they are not being cleaned up?

I’ve had the same instance of MiaB running since the first release for 18.04, and the oldest file in that folder is November 14. Unless you have changed something from the default, MiaB will manage it.

If you want to do something other than what MiaB configures, you are always free to do such, but keep in mind you may be on your own if there is a problem.

If you are not sure about what the impact of this will be, I recommend letting MiaB manage itself.

ok hopefully it will clean it up soon - you are correct I have never had to manage this before - it just disk space is over 50% on my server and prior to all this it has always been around 45% so was just trying to figure out what is all of a sudden consuming this extra space - only have 5-6 users on the system.

Check back in after Dec 14. I’d imagine you’d see 2 more incremental backups and then on Dec 14 the old backups would be deleted.
This is based on noticing the same thing as you did a couple of days ago, and now it being gone.

The retention policy is doing it’s work - what happens is that it will wait until the most recent incremental backup of the old set of backups is at least n days old until sweeping it all to the trash bin.

So if your most recent backup is from Dec. 10, that means your most recent incr. backup from the old backups was done on Dec. 9

According to retention policy the clock starts ticking from there. For a retention policy of 3 days, your old backups should be gone on December 12th (i.e. tomorrow).