Running MIAB on subdomain(s)

Hello, thank you for the effort this community has put in to develop, maintain and support MIAB.

Is it possible to run MIABs on subdomains? For example, two different MIAB instances on and Each of the MIABs will run on another machine, location, IP, etc.

How would I set this up? Thank you.

Manish, the MIAB community is very active and this is what I like about MIAB :slight_smile:

Yes, its possible to run MIAB on sub domains. However, you have to use your registrar’s DNS as I did. Let me illustrate using the domain name, DEEET.COM, which is registered with NAMECHEAP and hosted on NAMECHEAP’s BasicDNS.

Now, I will create a sub domain, WORKERS.DEEET.COM, which is hosted on NS1.BOX.WORKERS.DEEET.COM and NS2.BOX.WORKERS.DEEET.COM. The IPv4 number points to a VPS on

Now, I will create another sub domain, CUSTOMERS.DEEET.COM, which is hosted on NS1.BOX.CUSTOMERS.DEEET.COM and NS2.CUSTOMERS.DEEET.COM. The IPv4 number points to a VPS on

So, now I have two domains hosted on two different VPS providers both running two different MIAB instances.

My registrar Namecheap hosts the main DNS for the domain name DEEET.COM, while I delegate DNS to the name servers run by MIAB Instances.

I hope you understand but if you aren’t clear, please tell me and I will gladly re-explain.

Have a nice day

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