Running in AWS, sending thru a different IP

I installed Miab to an EC2 tiny instance in AWS. my issue is the server has a static ip, but when i send email out i get a bounce from a different IP?
here’s the bounce: this is not my static.
said: 554 Message rejected: Email address is not verified. The following
identities failed the check in region US-WEST-2:

can you help? i think i must be forwarding somehow but I’m not sure how or why.

Not sure if this is the issue , but have you followed this advise

maybe the default config of ec2 is to use its own smtp servers , unless a change is requested.

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i have made the request, it’s 2 fold. you get rDNS and the restriction on port 25 (edit: restriction on port 25 LIFTED). I have been told those were done.
my question is why is this bounce coming from this IP. this is not my mail servers IP, yet i sent the email from my web interface.
is there something that forwards somehow?

As far as I recall AWS EC2 only will send mail out via SES. Have you completed the required domain verification? It is a separate process than the other one mentioned for unblocking port 25.

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I’m not sure that’s correct. opening port 25 will allow the server to send email, correct? it’s always received email.
here’s the link i’m folowing and it seems to say you can send email from an ec2 instance, it’s why i chose to pay a little to use it.

Now read the link at the bottom of the page … what they don’t tell you in clear detail is that you have to use their SMTP endpoint.

Doing some more research it seems that their policy changed earlier this year. So as I do not use Amazon products, I was unaware of the change.

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This behaviour is consistent with the requirement to verify the email address / domain for sending through SES … maybe Amazon support can offer a reason that this is happening.

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i appreciate you help. i agree that it appears aws is requiring verification of the email, but that’s not really helping.
I think i may have done something odd when i initially installed this, becuase of the same thing you indicated about sending from SES. I’m going to nuke and pave and re-run setup to make sure i didnt’ do something stupid.
thanks again for your help, i’ll post back with what i find out

Good luck and yes, please let us know how you get on. It is and has always been my opinion that AWS should be avoided as they are one of the more difficult providers to work with when it comes to setting up MiaB. There are multiple threads on this throughout this forum.

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Search the forum here for pupsncats.

He has a how to on using MiaB with AWS Lightsail.

Using his guide I have had one running there for over a year.


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thank you again for all of your help, alento your a god.
turns out i had followed a guide about modifying postfix and forwarding thru SES! So that was working, as far as it was able but i wanted unrestricted email.
so i requested and received rDNS to my domain name and the release of the block on port 25. It’s easy, you just request it. they ask what policies you have to prevent spam and i said, we require users to login to send mail to prevent smtp relay and we use spamassasin. they said OK, now im sending outbound from an EC2 instance with a vanilla installation of MiaB! You folks deserve a medal, or at least a hug! tytytyty

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