Run 2 MiaB-Instances under the same Domain (but diffrent subdomains)

I know that it is very much required to check this setup. I hope you can help me anyway.

I have the done the following steps:

Domain ( is hosted on CloudFlare (DNS only).

My box(es) shall have the following names:

So I sat two A records: -> IP -> IP

and then two NS records (in CloudFlare): -> ->

Basically, who say checks at MIAB works that everything is OK :wink:
In MxToolbox but be me next to the two name servers that I have set for CloudFlare for the subdomain, the two CloudFlare name server appears (see screenshot). Is that still OK?

I want to store all Public Keys for all MiaB Instances on this single domain. Is this possible, and will this work?

BTW: Must the nameservers be called in this scheme: “” or can I name them how i want as long as the point at the right IP? (Would be nice if I could give them “cool” names for better overview :wink:

Would help if we had the domain name…

This is the DNS Configuration in CloudFlare:

For providing a domain name, i must setup a testinstance. Which is generally no problem. Tell me if i should do :smile:

I can’t tell you if your name servers are correctly set without knowing the domain name.

From the command line, run:

dig @ NS

See what name servers are reported.

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