Rsync backup local vs. remote

So in looking at this issue, I realized that my box is rsyncing it’s backups without issue (did a test restore just to be sure) but they are only being created on the remote server, not storing them locally.

I hadn’t set up rsync until after THE BIG UPDATE, so I’m not sure if this is the expected behavior or if there should be a copy of the backup files both on the remote and locally. The documentation on the backup page makes it seem like it should be keeping both:

Backups synced to a remote machine using rsync over SSH, with local copies in /home/user-data/backup/encrypted. These files are encrypted, so they are safe to store anywhere."

Reading through the /management/ script it seems that the backup is run and saved locally. After this, if there is a remote backup it is copied to the remote location. I do not see where the script would delete the backup from the server, so … my guess is that the default behaviour is to keep the backup in both locations, but seemingly that is not what you are seeing.

But then again I am not into scripting, so I may just be missing something.

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