RoundCube Update


I am new to MIB. I just set it up and went pretty smooth. Kudos to you for an amazing work :slight_smile:
I noticed that the installed version of roundcube is 1.0.3. Can I upgrade it to latest version ? Or will it break any setting from MIB ?


It won’t break anything but once you mess with the box you are on your own. :slight_smile:

The next update to Mail-in-a-Box will go to the latest Roundcube.

When will the update be available?


Uhm, right, good point. I’ll put it on my TODO for next weekend.


Hi Josh,

Did you manage to find some time to update roundcube to the latest/greatest?



Please see the release notes that are posted.

Sorry, my mistake. The default UI isn’t the one I’m used to and so I thought it was an even older version!