Roundcube stuck after hit send


i have setup MIAB last year
And from day 1, I cannot send email using roundcube interface

I have tried everything from: updating to clearing caches, deleting logs, increase server size
Im using external DNS, so i check all the configuration is in good state

Using MXToolbox i check all is allright, if using any mobile(IOS or Android) i can without any problem send emails, also i receive emails great

But i cannot use Rouncube to send emails

Screenshot from 2021-02-03 16-38-49

Please help me

OP already confirmed that he can …


I have never actually run into this problem before with MiaB.

Do you have any issues connecting to the admin area of your installation?

2 places to check.

  1. in browser, can you right click and inspect the webpage. You look under “Console”, and “Networking”, are there any errors?

  2. in server, check /var/log/nginx/error.log and see if any error.

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