Roundcube says "invalid email address"

I am not able to send email to some email with underscore in the domain name and some tld’s.

I have attached image sample as roundcube says “invalid email address”

How can i fix it in postfix or how to get this done?

Thank you

Do you have an example of a valid domain name that uses _? I’ve never seen it before, and can’t find one when trying to search for it.

That is because an underscore _ is not a valid character in a domain name. Only letters, numerals, and hyphens - are valid characters in non-internationalized domain names.

The only symbol allowed in a domain name is a hyphen, and that has to come in the middle of the name.

Thus is a valid domain name while is not a valid domain

In short, there’s nothing wrong with roundcube rejecting an email, it’s proper behaviour.


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