Roundcube problem

I am trying to install mailinbox in v0.21c but I failed in this step so I open the I found this URL does not exist in github

Ido not understand why can help me?

Hi :slight_smile:

$VERSION will be replaced with the most up to date version number, so currently "1.2.3"
referenced above is the Line 64 in /setup/ [0]

that would look like this:

This won’t help you a lot, but the URL doesn’t seem to be the problem here :confused:

Can you see/find any kind of Error message? I think that could make it easier to find the problem.


thank you for you help ,I am a new guy in this,I can’t find the dir of the log ,can you tell me ? I may know why this install failed CN has blocked a lot website,so some sources in this failed to laod ,so the installsion may fail in sometime