Roundcube not syncing with SMTP

I have a fully setup MiB i use SMTP settings to send emails through my mail app. However whenever i do so the emails deliver but never show up in the sent folder in roundcube UI.

Whenever someone replies to my emails they don’t get any bounce errors. However i cannot see the reply or even the original email i sent in my sent folder as its just empty.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Please reply what is your mail app? Is it Mail on IOS/Mac. If so please setup the accounts
using the profile from your box. The profile is for IMAP. It is located here https://box.yourdomain.tld/mailinabox.mobileconfig
Just type it in your browser.

The autocinfig on IOS devices defaults on ActiveSync z-push and z-push for now does not allow sending.
@matidau is working on a fix.

Go to Roundcube Settings>>Preferences>>Special Folders and make sure Show real names is OFF and the Sent folder points to SENT.
On your IOS app the Sent forlder might be pointing to Sent Messsages. Look there for the sent messages from

I don’t know if that is the case as there is only one report of this. For this to get fixed it will need to be investigated more. A good start would be to log an issue at Issues · Z-Hub/Z-Push · GitHub

My mail app is just default Apple mail. It uses the SMTP and IMAP credentials to send emails. I tried regular SMTP testers like gmass and other ones i found on google and same issue arises. The email gets delivered to the recipient however it does not show in the sent folder on roundcube so it never picks up the reply.

I was told this may be the issue but i don’t understand it. “the message ID and IN reply to is missing”

Change your smtp port to 587 in

This is FALSE.
Mail app makes proper headers: for Message ID, Reference and smtp.mailfrom.

You can check the headers by sending yourself a message to a gmail account that you own, and click Show Original on the gmail webmail. You can also reply to yourself from there.
Do not expect a response from Gmass and such deliverability testing services.

This is also FALSE and the IMAP Sent folder has no contact with the recipient and it does not influence response. Your sent folder is simply hidden in Roundcube.

Mail app has a bug and it makes its own Sent folder or often defaults to keep a local copy on the Iphone. That is another IMAP folder that actually comes up as Sent Messages in Roundcube.
In Round Cube go to
Turn on any folders that you wish to be visible from other IMAP clients. Locate the folder that created.

Also you can change the behavior of Roundcube where it stores Sent messages to align it with Mail app or vice versa. Go to
Settings>Preferences>Special Folders> Sent> Sent Messages or wherever you want

ON your Iphone go to:
Settings>Mail> Accounts>yourMIAB_IMAP_Mail>Advanced Settings>Advanced>Sent Mailbox>
and uncheck On My Iphone >Sent, since this is only local storage.
On the server select:
Sent or Sent Messages or whatever IMAP folder you created for Mail app sent messages storage.