Roundcube -- MarkAsSpam?

There is a ‘MarkAsSpam’ (or something of that type) plugin in the plugins directory of the Roundcube installation on MIAB, but I don’t see it actually show up or provide any functionality within Roundcube

Any help on how to enable it, please?

Anyone? Any idea? Anyone?

Move to the Junk folder in Roundcube, SpamAssassin (once fixed) will mark any email in there as spam.

“Once fixed” is the operative work.

When will it be fixed, or how to fix it?

Don’t know, I am not a maintainer of MIAB, however @JoshData may or may not have ideas on this as he is the creator and one of it’s maintainers.

No plans to fix this. There are other bigger issues that need attention first.

Fair enough - so, then this means the learning functionality of spamassassin does NOT currently work, and there are no plans to fix it?

Does anyone know or have any instructions on what it would take to fix this on an installed installation? I read around here that the issue might be related to permissions needing to be set differently?

Any hints?

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