Roundcube Checksum Mismatch

Upgrading a few boxes tonight, most have gone off without a hitch, however I have hit one which is not too happy about Roundcube, no matter what I seem to do it says the checksum is wrong:

Download of did not match expected checksum.
ea60df615387f47bdfdfe4da48f6567c4ec60f74 /tmp/roundcube.tgz

4513227bd64eb8564f056817341b1dfe478e215e /tmp/roundcube.tgz

Keeps failing here no matter what I do. Help?

That’s odd.

Try running

wget -O - | sha1sum

and if the output at the end isn’t

4513227bd64eb8564f056817341b1dfe478e215e  -

please paste the entire output.

It matched, so re-ran the update, and without a hitch - maybe a mirror on SF is out of date or corrupt upload?

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