Roundcube CardDav plugin

Could we possibly add the roundcube carddav plugin?

So we can have our contacts in roundcube. Currently all the options to get cardav working in linux mail clients really are a pain.


Actually people are working on this here ->


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Thanks, will keep tabs on this. Looks promising.

Hi! I see this was integrated, but looks like it’s VERY integrated (uses the built in ownCloud/NextCloud that comes with the mail-in-a-box setup and has no config). Is there a way to point to a different cloud instance? Or, is there a method to install the official roundcube carddav plugin?
I just setup MIAB on a Linode and love it! Was so easy compared to past email server setups. My goal lately has been to leave BigTech. Well, before this I had already setup my own NextCloud server on a box at home. It has 1TB vs 20GB and it would cost way to much to get that kind of storage in the cloud so I’d rather just point the Roundcube in MIAB contacts to my own NextCloud contacts.

Considered downloading the contacts from your own next cloud and upload to MIAB next cloud contacts? It’s on the lower left hand corner of your next cloud contacts interface

That would be my last resort, yes. I would rather not have things in so many places though, especially when I already have phones and such syncing with my own Nextcloud instance.

I have found it really trivial to get everything integrated on linux.

I use Gnome, which has truly fantastic integration with Nextcloud. You just add the MIAB nextcloud address into Gnome Online Accounts and you get your contacts, calendars, files, notes, and tasks (assuming you have added notes and tasks) integrated into the relevant Gnome apps: i.e. Email (Geary and/or Evolution), Calendar (Gnome Calendar), Contacts (Gnome Contacts), Notes (Notes/Bjiben), Files (Nautilus/Files), Tasks (To-Do).

I believe KDE also has decent integration with Nextcloud, though I’m certain it isn’t that good.

Just make sure you are default saving your contacts in Roundcube into the “owncloud” address book.

For calendar, you then just download and open the ICS file in Evolution and you will immediate have your calendar appointment added to the MIAB nextcloud instance.