Roundcube can not login 504 error nginx

I cant login into roundcube
when i tried to login i get 504 status error

Is your setup running behind some proxy e.g. cloudflare?

without much info from you I have to assume nginx is running properly, you set up the dnssec properly etc.

Can you do a simple test at your terminal curl --head (substitute it with your own domain) - this is to prove the web server is running properly.

If it does the can you check your firewall block 443 and 80?

yes my setup behind cloudflare proxy

hi my nginx and dns is running properly

curl -XGET -H ‘head:’ ‘
Is this your goal?

I don’t use Cloudflare, but MIAB is based on Letsencrypt so you need to follow (

The first thing you need to know is that if you want to install Let’s Encrypt certificate on your server and at the same time use CloudFlare’s CDN service, then you will need to enable CloudFlare’s Universal SSL on your site, which means connections between site visitors and CloudFlare edge server are encrypted using CloudFlare Universal SSL certificate and communications between your origin server and CloudFlare edge server are encrypted using Let’s Encrypt issued certificate

Built with Let’s Encrypt

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