Roudcube slow login after disk problem


I am running into a strange issue with Roundcube, the login to the webmail is very slow (15-30 seconds), but then it works perfectly fine, all other services too.

The problem started today when I filled up the root partition at 100% for a minute, once realised it I quickly filled up space.

  • Restarting services and a full reboot of the server didn’t helped
  • Roudcube, system and mail logs are not showing anything interesting or related to the problem
  • During the login I tried to monitor the CPU, it stays around 1-2%

The problem seems linked to webmail with many folders, login seems faster with users with no folders.
Also tried to disable rescan of all folders to roundcube config but it is already disabled in the default
Tried to lower IMAP timeout but it has no effects.

This is strange as this was not happening before the disk space issue.

The last time I changed a configuration files or updated the server was several weeks ago.

What can I do to address the issue? any leads?



It could be that the Dovecot mailbox indexes broke. You can stop Dovecot and then delete all Dovecot related files in your mailboxes. Then start Dovecot again. The first access to each individual account and folder within it will be slow as it rebuilds the index. Afterwards it should be back to normal. You can try it on one single mailbox first to see if that improves anything.

service dovecot stop
find /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/ -name "dovecot*" -delete
service dovecot start

Hi Hacre,
it was indeed a dovecot indexing issue, thank you very much for your prompt help!

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