Roadmap to include 2FA?

When will MIAB support 2FA or what can I do to help MIAB support 2FA?

My apologies for being a little dim here, but I don’t seem to be able to find any conclusive answer to whether 2-step verification is already available (and how to turn it on) or whether it’s coming in a future release?

I think that 2step is the standard now and everything I use has it.

Cheers and thank you for the great software, it’s amazing and you’re all amazing :slight_smile:

It’s not available but it is a feature that people want. The problem appears to be in how it could be implemented for all the ways a user could log in to MIAB.

2FA for RoundCube appears to be easy enough but that won’t protect you from someone brute-forcing IMAP. MIAB would need more robust user management features and allow one account to have multiple passwords (thereby allowing you to have an ‘application password’ only to be used by one program).

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Thank you for explaining that to me. I get it now.

I’ll keep my ear to the ground and wait to see what develops then.