Rework the Status Page


Really liking MIAB but I do find the status page unwieldy. It would be great if it listed managed domains and then on clicking , can do the status check. It seems overkill to have to recheck every domain configured.
Any chances of implementing that ?

I guess I should also add this…
If i want to manage a domain via MIAB, it would be better to have a button that says Add a domain… Having to add via addition of an email address just seems slightly awkward to me .


Perhaps … but as the main purpose of Mail-in-a-Box is to provide email service, it seems very convenient that everything else is automagically enabled simply via the addition of an email address. :slight_smile:

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from my point of view MIAB does a GREAT job of managing DNS, and that is my prime use for using it. Most of my sites will be for web hosting and mail is secondary. I would set up site, then add admin email if needed later on.

Yes, I agree. As long as one is using Secondary DNS to avoid a single point of failure. But that is still not the main function of MiaB. MiaB was not designed to be used primarily as a name server, but yes, within reason, it does an excellent job of it.

How many domains do you have? I’ve also noticed sometimes it can take long time to complete the status checks and I have less than 10 domains.

17 domains and yes it does take too long sometimes to populate the status page with resullts.

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