Revoke/Remove TLS Cert when moving webpage dns pointed elsewhere

Running MAIB .21b Happily on a ovh dedi

added eurotopiafudge for email handling and it automatically provisioned a letsencrypt cert
I wish it hadn’t but saw no wat to prevent it
Moved and elsewhere for the marketing site

At This Point in the interests of simplicity
Shouldn’t it remove SelfSigned Cert
Revoke and Remove LetsEncrypt Cert
So I can simple provision normally on the new server?
rather than scramble around trying to figure out which files to move from where, to where,
and then have to worry about renewal oddities later?

Or at least a button to revoke the existing cert ?

Thank You for Reading
And Any Helpful Replies :slight_smile:
Fuzzy – Previously:

✓ Domain resolves to this box’s IP address. [ ↦]
✓ TLS (SSL) certificate is signed & valid. The certificate expires on 03/06/17. – Currently:

? Web has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record.
? A redirect from ‘’ has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record on the www subdomain.

? This section was removed.

If you simply add Custom DNS record of type “A” for the IP of your marketing server, the certificate it provisioned on your box will not be used. It also won’t try to provision any further, as that domain is hosted on a different server.

I saw that and was ready to do so
however by the time i got to the right page in the console it had already provisioned
this was the second domain added so letsencrypt had already been enabled

this is going to be a major pain as I have another 10 to 20 domains to add

Any pointers on how to clean up this one?
and the rest as they happen :frowning:

Thanks You For Reading
And Replying :slight_smile:

There is no need to revoke or remove the certificate.

There seems to be,
If I want a valid certificate on the production webserver

I could be wrong,
and would be pleased to know the proper action to take :slight_smile:

There seems to be,


You Are Right :slight_smile:

Though I Had Only Seen Posts About Provisioning Failures In This Situation
That Never Clearly Stated A Solution

For the record the proper action was:
Install letsencrypt and certbot on the new server
and ran certbot
no problems

Thank You For Your Responses :slight_smile:

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