Reverse proxy between main web server and mailinabox

Good morning,

I have several websites with an aapche web weeder
I plan to put MIAB on a virtual machine and create a reverse proxy on the main web server to redirect to MIAB

will it cause any problem ?
If yes, which one so that I can solve them as soon as possible?

I am especially afraid to have problems with the certificate
I know that the https certificate must be put on the reverse proxy side in my case (apache2)

but I don’t know what other problems I could encounter


Translated with (free version)

If you are going to have the mail services behind a proxy, you need to research that you are doing this correctly, because proxy servers will break the mail protocols when not properly configured, and many cannot support mail, at all.

then the reverse proxy must be used only for the https access to the admin/mail web interface

all the rest will be normal with the port redirection necessary to the functioning the revrse proxy concerns only the https (port 80,443) but I’m afraid that with lets’encrypt it will break everything


Let’s Encrypt is just making HTTP requests to a URL on the MiaB server. This shouldn’t be a problem for the proxy.

but it will not affect the sending of mail the fact that lets encrypt does not validate certificate, for lets encrypt validate port 443 and 80 must not be open?

because port 443 and 80 are already assigned to another server on my network


If the other server is a proxy server, then proxying port 80 and 443 using HTTP isn’t usually an issue.

If LE is not validating the certificate, then there may be something not correct with the proxy.

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