Reverse DNS dig response different than box status check

I just curious if anyone out there has experienced anything like this. I migrated a 160gig, 80 mail user MIAB from Digital Ocean to Linode this last weekend because DO just couldn’t get Microsoft to unblock their IP ranges. All seems well after a couple of hiccups in regards to duplicity. The only strange thing is that while rDNS looks fine on the status page and also looks fine on several online checkers, when I do a dig +noall +answer -x <xx.xx.xx.xx> command from the box itself, it’s still showing the old PTR from Digital Ocean in the response. Also, when I run the same command from my MAC, it also reports the old Digital Ocean PTR. The Digital Ocean server was shut down after the successful transfer. Anyone else ever seen anything like that? Everything seems ok, mail is being delivered, but I would feel better about it if the dig response was right.

What is the TTL of the old record? How long ago did you make the changes? I suspect that it was a high TTL so those two machines are not looking it up but are relying on the DNS cache. Clearing the DNS cache should fix this.

I think it’s probably propagation too, just strange that most devices are fine and Unix based aren’t. I checked on a PC and it’s fine too, but all the Unix based devices I’ve used are showing the old record. I’m not sure what the TTL was on the old record since rDNS is managed by DO automatically. It’s been 24 hours. I guess I’ll give it another day or so and see.