Retrieve / merge old MIAB mail to new server

My customer’s MIAB server was running for about 18 months. Then the hosting provider fell apart. The server is read-only when I can get it to start AT ALL.

I have a new VM set up, a droplet at Digital Ocean. Now I need to move all that mail into the new server.

But considering the trouble getting the data off the old box, I’m looking at setting up the accounts, then merging the old data when I get it.

Is that sane? Possible?


I’d try rsyncing the entire /home/user-data stuff over to the new server.

Run on both servers:

service mailinabox stop
service dovecot stop
service postfix stop
service php7.0-fpm stop

Then run this on the old server and fill in new_server_ip:

rsync -aHhP --numeric-ids /home/user-data/ root@new_server_ip:/home/user-data

Afterwards you should run mailinabox again on the new server and you should be done.

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