Restore primary admin account

Hello, by mistake I have deleted my admin user, the one that was created at the beginning of installing MIAB, I already managed to put another user as admin from the CLI to enter the Admin-Panel and create the admin email account again, but it won’t let me, How can I restore it?

Message in admin panel:

“You may not make a user account for that address because it is frequently used for domain control validation. Use an alias instead if necessary.”

Perhaps rerun mailinabox, the install tool?

Thanks, yeah, i already try that but it doesn’t work, what works as a workaround was to edit the file:


comment line 264 and 268

and restart mailinabox.

And recreate the user via admin panel.

then uncomment again an d restart again mailinabox.

Editing to comment out lines, restarting Mail-in-a-Box, and adjusting users in the admin panel before rebooting again is a clever fix.

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cd /root/mailinabox
sudo management/ user make-admin youremailaddress@domain.tld