Restore MIAB without Encryption Key


This is something i’m not facing right now but probably i will in the future, and that’s something i need to be aware.

I do backups to external storage and i can restore MIAB with rsync easily.

What directories i will need to pass to restore MIAB completely?

You would definitely need everything in:
This includes all mailboxes, SSL/TLS certs, roundcube settings (including filters), owncloud, etc. It’s definitely the most critical data.

I’ve found also, if you’d like to retain your DNSSEC information, it’s helpful to completely restore nsd (the Nameserver), so I have often restored all of this one as well:
Otherwise when moving to a new server, you’ll get new DS records which you’ll need to update at your registrar.
** Edit 2 Oct 2016: I think just copying over /home/user-data/ and then running mailinabox again will restore all the necessary DNSSEC info

If you are moving/restoring completely, you’ll lose of course logs and things on your old server, so there is indeed more you’d consider bringing over if you truly wanted everything.

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Do i need to run “sudo mailinabox” in the end?

Yes, any time you do a restore, it’s always a good idea to run this command to ensure tidy up is done and any transferred settings which do not make sense are updated.

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Good, thank you very much!

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