Restore MiaB (KO)

Hello All,

I wanted to move my miab instance to a new server (like I did successfully for upgrading to Ubuntu 18 → Ubuntu 22).

I followed again maintenance guide dedicated to this subject, but it failed this time :

export PASSPHRASE=$(cat /home/user-data/backup/secret_key.txt)
sudo -E duplicity restore --force file:/home/user-data/backup/encrypted /home/user-data/

error message:
CommandLineError: Source should be url, not directory. Got ‘file:/home/user-data/backup/encrypted’ instead.
Enter ‘duplicity --help’ for help screen.

Could someone help me to restore with success, please ?
Many thanks by advance.

Best Regards

You have a mistake in your duplicity command. There must be three slashes (///) after “file:”

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Hello @dms
Many thanks

Issue fixed