Rest api endpoint 'me' changed

Hello there,

I am using MailInBox API to authenticate users of my system.

I read the changes of last release notes (v55 / October 18, 2021) on GitHub but nothing was pointing to that the endpoint ‘/admin/me’ was changed to ‘/admin/login’.

I discovered this change after I encountered an error logging in from my system.

Hi @ahmadkoudier

Please post this issue to the MiaB Github, thanks!!

I apologize that I missed this in the file. The way to fix this would be to open a pull request on github adding it.

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Admittedly, I am not over familiar with the API or it’s use … just that I have helped a few programmers bug test their implementations, so I do not know if this is a valid question or not @JoshData

Does this change have a bearing on how users of the API interact with it starting in v55? If so, in what way specifically?