RESOLVED - Using Google Domains Custom Nameservers

I am using Google Domains and I have set A/AAAA records for the following to point to my Linode running “mailinabox”

I also have reverse DNS set on Linode pointing to

My problem is that Google Domains refuses to let me set my ns1/ns2 as custom name servers. It lets me save them, but when I try to switch to them, I get a generics error "Can't switch to these settings. The registry rejected the name servers"

Has anyone found how to get around this with Google Domains or how to get more info on why it is failing?


Did you create glue records?

I guess I’m a little confused, Google doesn’t call them “glue”, so this is what I have:

A glue record is configured with your domain and generally not as a part of any DNS server. I don’t know how to create them in Google Domains, but they should have a help page on it.

All sorted now, a Google support tech pointed me to a somewhat obscure “Manage Global DNS settings” which let me add “glue” records.

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