[RESOLVED] Admin panel not working

Hi there I need to administrate this system (Ubuntu server) that has already installed Mail in a box from another SysAdmin. User login seems to work but when I try to reach /admin Nginx says:

Internal Server Error
The server encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Either the server is overloaded or there is an error in the application.

I didn’t find status_checks.py or /management folder, only configuration files.

Where can I begin to look?

Thanks in advance.


I would suggest migrating the user data to a fresh machine and installing Mail-in-a-Box again.

  1. Provision a new machine.
  2. Create a user named user-data and copy /home/user-data from the old machine to the new machine (same location, same permissions).
  3. Install Mail-in-a-Box like normal per the instructions on the website.
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Thank you for the info Josh, ill try that, just a few questions:

If I need to migrate, installing mail in a box from start and copying the entire /home/user-data/ will do the trick?

What is the .py script responsable of the /admin panel listening in the 10022 port?

Thansk again for your reply.



It should work. I’d just suggest copying first. If you install first and then copy, you might just want to make sure processes like dovecot are stopped first.

What is the .py script responsable of the /admin panel listening in the 10022 port?

‘What’ is it or ‘why’ is it? Not sure I follow the question.

On the actual installation /admin doesn’t work and I cant find the script that listen on that port (the one who is routed trough Nginx http://localhost:10222)

To anser my own question, the process that I was looking for is:


It uses Flask to serve the admin panel.

Thanks everyone.