Replacing google apps mail hosting with MIAB

I have a number of domains example1, example2 etc hosted on individual servers.

I currently use google apps mail hosting for the emails on these domains, setting mx records on the individual servers to point email to gmail’s servers.

I want to stop relying on google apps and deploy an instance of Mail-in-a-box on a new server (example1) to host all my emails across all of my domains.

I’ve got MIAB working for one domain (example1) using the setup guide but when I try to add a user for another domain (admin@example2 for instance) I get the following error:

“You may not make a user account for that address because it is frequently used for domain control validation. Use an alias instead if necessary.”

Why won’t MIAB allow me to add admin@example2 when it allowed me to add admin@example1? All I seem to be allowed to do is add an “alias” from admin@example2 to admin@example1

Assuming I go ahead and create an alias for admin@example2 pointing at admin@example1, what are the MX records I need to add to my example2 server to direct mail at my MIAB at example1?

I definitely don’t want the MIAB server at example1 to manage DNS for all my domains, for obvious reason that if the MIAB server goes down then so will the rest of my domains.

“admin, postmaster, webmaster, & administrator” are all used by MIAB for various things.

MIAB already manages the above user accounts.

use if you NEED to use something with admin in the name, emails support tag+:

Creating an alias has absolutely NOTHING to do with your MX records for @domain2.

The mail will be delivered to admin@example1 no matter where that email is hosted as long as you have set up a MX record in your DNS for @example1.

You will need to update the MX record wherever your DNS is located to point to box.example1, just as it is now pointed to Google Apps’ MX server for all the domains that will be handled by MiaB.

Then you will simply run your DNS as desired pointing your MX record to box.example1 for all your domains which MiaB will handle email for, wherever the DNS is hosted - just as I imagine you do now with Google Apps.

More on email aliases and the 4 users murgero mentions above…

Those 4 ‘users’ can have their email forwarded ONLY to an administrator account in your MiaB set up. This is likely why you had no issues with the first one but the second one did not work … I suspect that you forwarded them to different email users - one of which was an MiaB administrator and one which was not.

Thanks for all the help guys. Unfortunately, I’m still stuck. Here’s where I’m at:

I’ve set up a MiaB: box.example1
I’m successfully sending/receiving emails for users I create at example1, e.g. from John@example1, admin@example1 etc

I’m still struggling to host mail for example2 at the MiaB I’ve created at box.example1
I’ve added user alex@example2 to the box, set the password, and updated the MX records for example2 to point at box.example1 but it still doesn’t work. Can’t send anything or receive anything.
I’ve double-checked the MX records for example2 using an MX Checker and they’re perfect: box.example1

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