Replacement for Amazon as backup

I hate that the easiest way for me to backup MIAB is using Amazon. Even the 21 cents I paid last month was too much to give Bezos. What’s a good replacement?

I just rsync from local device, but you could set a cron job to back up to anywhere that accepts an SSH login.

Others may have more specific solutions.

I could do that but I’m looking for a drop-in replacement.

Then please write the code for one, test it, and then submit it as a pull request to the project’s GitHub. Problem solved.

Personally, I think it is a lot easier (and safer) to just have one of my other servers rsync it daily with a cron job. But to each his own.

Total cost, zero (other than the time to initially set it up). I am already paying for the other server so why not use it’s unused resources?

You can use any S3 compatible object storage provider (Linode, Exoscale, DigitalOcean, etc)

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