Replace Nextcloud CalDAV and CardDAV Server

Mail-in-a-Box deployment includes Nextcloud as CalDAV and CardDAV Server.
Why don’t you use a much thinner solution Radicale for these 2 services?

This feature request is not a statement against Nextcloud; in fact I’m running Nextcloud since years w/o problems.
I just think it makes no sense to use a solution that is designed to serve much more than CalDAV and CardDAV and I prefer thin setups.


Some thoughts on this idea have been gathered here. My impression is that the problem is not so much using a different implementation for Caldav and Carddav, but:

  • Making sure data is migrated automatically
  • Making sure users know the migration is happening. There might be numerous people using the MiaB nextcloud for other purposes then the ones intended for nextclous. They might suddenly lose that functionality so should be properly warned

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