Replace Fail2Ban with CrowdSec

I would propose to migrate to CrowdSec and replace Fail2Ban.

CrowdSec is service that uses rules updated by the community.

Are there any plans for this?



Is it opensource?

yes, it is.
You can check the link directing to its webpage.

It might be opensource but it’s a commercial product and sends data back to CrowdSec, so it doesn’t sound like a good default. It’s easy enough to install it yourself if you’d like

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True, CrowdSec clients sends data back to a central server.
However it seems like you didn’t understand the function of it.

I have no reason to believe that he doesn’t understand how it works. As I understand it, he just doesn’t think it should be the default, i.e. if it were to be included in MiaB at all, it should be optional, which I would be okay with.