Remove mail-in-a-box "branding"? / Bandwidth Usage

I was wondering if it is possible to remove the ‘branding’ of MIB from the admin pages (footer) and from the site title in the webmail roundcube interface?

Also after setting up MIB on a VPS (DO 1GB) I’ve noticed crazy inbound usage after less than a day of running >3GB so far and I barely have gotten any mail.

There is no built-in way to do that, no.

I’ve noticed crazy inbound usage

Spam can be a real pain. Is that 3GB of logs? That’s quite a lot. It could be your IP address or your domain name that spammers want to connect to, or you got an IP address that someone previously used and maybe someone’s DNS is still pointing to it. No way to know without inspecting the logs.

So there’s no built in way but I’m assuming it would be possible to tweak the files? I saw that in reads DO NOT EDIT on the Roundcube one (I’m assuming because this auto regens?) I was just curious as I don’t mind it on the admin page so much I do NOT like it with Roundcube webmail. I think it’s tacky. I’d much rather it show my unread count and just the Roundcube webmail bit. Any chance this will be done later on at least?

I’m going to do a bit of digging but I just noticed the ever increasing inbound bandwidth usage and wondered what was going on. I’m gonna set up firewall to block all but the needed ports and go from there I guess. I’ll also be switching to a provider that doesn’t count inbound bandwidth. Nothing else is like that as RAM hovers about 380mb.

Thanks so much for such an amazing and easy to use set up Josh.

Not likely. There are just too many other things I’m aleady way behind on first.