Remove ad farming companies from admin panel *.gstatic, *.googleapis etc

It would be great to completely remove any connection to ad farming companies (especially g) services from mailinabox admin panel. *.gstatic, *.googleapis.

Also, bootstrapcdn seems to be used and that’s a twitter company, right? I know this is probably the backbone but they also farm, as we know.

Thanks for considering this feature.

I googled ad farming but was only able to review wikipedia references.

I’m not a big fan of CDN which at the end of the day resolves to SPAM.

Notwithstanding +1.

+1 as well. But I think Josh is the only one doing active development on this. I’m a web designer and developer by trade, so I could easily recreate the style without Backbone. I’m kinda busy with other projects at the moment though.

In a perfect world, yes. I don’t believe CDNs are acting maliciously (today), so this is not a high priority for me.

See the related issue

It was moreso a reference to most any company that farms user data for the purpose of selling/showing ads and to cross-sell their information for marketing purposes. Thanks for the reply, @JoshData - just want to remove any link to google, etc.

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