Relay to Office 365

I have a legacy system that can only send email via a non-encryption server. We have an old email server that handles these emails. The rest of the company is on a different email server, but because we have emails with the same domain coming from different locations we cannot secure our emails. So i think the solution is to use a email server that can take the connection from the system un-encrypted on port 25 and have a server relay the email to the main email server. I think i understand how to setup Postfix to relay emails, how can i setup the system to accept an un-encrypted email from my legacy system?
Maybe is a different solution?
BTW, we are not in Office 365 yet because we need to qualify our domain and with two different ips sending email we can’t

Recently a colleague gave me details of a solution to this problem. Now, I just need to find it again.

Basically, it is a smtp server which receives the unencrypted emails from your printer, etc. and then relays on properly to the mail server.

And here it is:

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@alento, thanks for the help. Seems that is exactly what i need.

Thanks again,