Relay through own firewall


Is it possible to configure somewhere in the box that the mails sent form the box will go through a single relay host, where authentication is required?

So mail should go form mail in a box to my Sophos UTM

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Are you relaying through an outside host, or are you NAT’ing through a firewall? They are different. By your description, I am going to assume you are talking about relaying through an outside host.

That said, you can configure postfix to do this (the SMTP server for MIAB):

try this:

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I’m not NAT’ing through the firewall. I’m using the firewall as my relay host. This firewall has a email protection functionality, so I want to have it scan all the email receiving and sending. So the incomming mail will be delivered to the firewall first, this will than be processed and, if OK, sent to Mail-in-a-box. Than what I want is when I sent a Mail, It should be sent from Mail-in-a-box to the firewall and that will than forward it to the destination. Can that last part be done with the link you sent?

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Yea - that’s called a relay host, very nice on the firewall too. Spam filtering and firewall combo’s are expensive!

You should be able to use the link to setup the requested options. HOWEVER MIAB does not official support modifications like this. So it’s only a best effort scenario here.

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