Redundant NSD (master, slave)


as MIaB takes over the nameserver roles for my domain I’m somehow nervous about loosing access and services to my boxes. Therefore I would like to split ns2 from the MIaB box and mirror the config on another host.

Is there anybody who has tried such a setup or has it running in production?

I’ve found as an starting point, but it requires to change the main config on the master node (MIaB) and I’m unsure if this may break the admin portal or gets overwritten by next config change. Can someone comment on this?

Would others support a request for the improvement?

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This is referred to as ‘Secondary DNS’. MiaB is fully equipped to handle this in tandem with a proper secondary DNS provider such as or buddyns (just to name two).
Or the other option is to create your own DNS system which is what the linked article would help you to do. I have not read the article you linked, but from your comment, it is not necessary to change ANYTHING within MiaB’s DNS to achieve this, however it may not be quite as secure as it potentially could be.

There was a guide for setting up Secondary DNS linked from the installation guide, unfortunately that guide is no longer available. I have recreated it but it is not quite yet ready for publication. However the steps are simple.