Redirections and sent email

Dear MIAB Team,

We have a MIAB set up for a client who uses redirections to distribute incoming requests from customers. Here’s their approximate system: ->,

As per the doc, they can send emails from and it works perfectly fine. But this creates a hydra kind of situation. If the receptionist answers an email, the boss is not made aware of it, and vice-versa. Which leads to a management overhead.

I would like to know if it’s possible, using MIAB, to have a copy of outgoing email sent via a redirection, to everyone that is receiving mail from that redirection but the person sending it.

In our example, if responds to a client using, to have a copy of the mail delivered to But if they respond using then have the email go through without a copy.

Can this be achieved using MIAB or by modifying the underlying postfix / dovecot config? Is there a recommended way of doing this?



The receptionist simply has to learn to bcc the boss consistently.

This seems more like a workaround than an actual solution to the problem. We know humans are not always consistent and forget to do these things.

In my case, the person would be required to Carbon Copy the three business partners consistently, and thez would have to do the same too… Which is realistically speaking, not to be expected… Specially because two of the business partners are way over 70

Is it technically possible to have the email redirected?

Yes, sure … postfix can likely do it. You’ll need to find a sysadmin who knows postfix configuration to set this up for you. Your MiaB will then have an “unsupported modification” so nobody here will be able to help if the box breaks.

I would suggest that you use the tools available to you. In this case the specific tool I have in mind is identities.

So let me be sure that I understand the workflow correctly … a client sends an email to … that email is distributed to and via an alias, correct.

This is not the PERFECT solution but is the most ideal imho.

Both receptionist and boss need to create an identity in their email client. The identity will have a box to add a bcc address to it. I would add to the bcc … or if there are only the TWO people add the opposite person. Then when each person replies to emails addressed to info the identity created will respond and a bcc will automatically be sent.

Adding will bcc all recipients … which is why I asked if there were only two people … you could just have each bcc the other then the sender will not receive a copy of the reply - it will simply be in sent mail as usual. Otherwise, if you bcc everyone gets a copy of the reply - which is not a bad thing IMHO.

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