Recovering a lost login

Someone installed mailinabox for me in Jan 15 on a digital ocean droplet but i don’t seem to have the login anymore. Is there any way to recover it?

I am able to login to the droplet and was able to upgrade mailinabox it to the latest version 0.14. But I cant login to the admin console.

Can i run the setup script again? i did sudo mailinabox and that upgraded it - but it just tells me to goto /admin and I blocked…

Thanks in advance.


cd /root/mailinabox

It’ll give some help for how to change a user’s password.

So i have reset the password but now the login fails with no error message (i.e. it doesn’t say ‘invalid password’ anymore - it’s just blank) is there a place to look up an error in the logs? e.g. for the admin app itself?

That’s odd. Things are logged to /var/log/syslog.

it works today … self healing software :wink: … thanks for your help !!

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