Recommended VPS host?

I’ve been using mail-in-a-box for several years now, hosted by Digital Ocean. I need to upgrade, and I’ll probably want to move elsewhere, too many issues with email from Digital Ocean IP addresses considered spam. I can’t be bothered to regularly make various services aware that my single IP address has been good for years. I would prefer a European provider, I want it to be as low cost as possible, DNS is registered with namecheap, so would prefer a service where I can keep them as registrar. What are the recommendations?

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I actually use Digital ocean but have been careful at selecting a location that is not often blocked (in my case Amsterdam and Frankfurt). This has worked great for me and I rarely see problems with being marked as spam. (Germany and Finland) is the cheapest and most robust.

You can choose the shared arm 2 core no worries it runs latest MIAB. There is a hack on this forum for making duplicity work after each update. Arm is more environmentally friendly as well. The con for (x86) is that it has only 20GB disk space and less RAM. Both are only USD4. Their IPs are impeccable. Of course you need to choose IPV4 don’t be fooled by the IPv6 only discount. Wait a little bit and politely ask for Port25 vouching that you will not send unsolicited mail.

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I’m also using Amsterdam, but I’ve still had frequent issues.

I recommend you try out Shinjiru,

Their IPv4 addresses are of superior reputation and port 25 and port 587 are always open.

@07032024 The original poster is looking for EU based VPS provider shinijuru is in Malaysia? By the way what is the cheapest config there RAM, ARM, DIsk space?

I have really mixed emotions with this recommendation, but Contabo has worked well for several MiaB users that I have helped in the past. I hesitate to recommend Contabo because when something is bad with them it is really bad, so if you get the luck of the draw you’re in a good place.

Their IP’s are hit and miss though. One client of mine has 6 servers with Contabo, and for 2 of them the client needs to subscribe to AnyMXRelay for their outbound sending.

I also have used IntoVPS VPS’s based from their Cluj Romania data center with no IP issues.

What do you do for disk space. It seems all these VPS give small disk space? Do you use some external path for more disk space such as OneDrive or you or your client just pay ludicrous amounts for their stupid disk space. All the options I looked into vary from 10GB to 40GB for the poorman’s option. I see Contabo provides 100GB which is OK. On the other hand 100 GB is just 10 average mailboxes. How much disk space do you reserve for 6 servers? Is port 25 closed with Contabo and you have to ask? How do you edit PTR values with them?

I have never actually provisioned a server on Contabo, so I cannot really answer most of what you are asking. My client in question comes to me for AnyMXRelay or backup services, and has already provisioned the servers before I touch them. Looking at Contabo’s website today their offerings have changed. My client has the 200gb SSD storage option, which appears to no longer be offered.

Anyone with that kind of usage is extraordinary for personal or small business clients.


I am really happy with contabo. If there is one thing you don’t need to worry about it is disk space. The cheapest hardware is somewhat slower but that is no issue for a mailserver.

PTR is set in the admin UI. In 2 years I am a customer, I have not contacted their support at all. I reinstalled a few times when I was warming up the IP and learning miab

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netcup VPS piko G11s 12M

I’m not aware of anything cheaper.

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@cmonty14 WOW!! I must commend you. Based in Germany and so cheep. Did you try it? Port 25 closed? PTR value in admin panel?

Actually I’m running MiaB on this server w/o issues since several months.
There are VPS of different size available for low price, e.g. 2GB RAM.

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Ordered at 2022-10-29 - so I can recommend it because I use it myself. Mailinabox works very well on this specification:

CPU1 vCore(s) ,RAM 1024 MB ,Disk Space (SSD) 25 GB

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of this service provider is the fact that they do not care about the correct setting of revDNS - you have to be careful about it because they have problems with it - because the option available in the panel does not work properly.

I just ordered it. They don’t have a credit card checkout it seems they will contact me. Everything is in German so you must use Translate to English if you don’t understand. Their 5EUR voucher if you subscribe to the newsletter doesn’t apply to such a cheep order (EUR 12 for 12 months). I am waiting for them to write back.

UPDATE: They wrote back and they need Identity verification with a national ID and a photograph of myself which is pretty tedious but if you want a cheep deal and you dont mind sending via email personal IDs it is worth it.
We received a lot of fake orders in the past. So we ask you to send us a picture (Selfie) on which you hold the following things in your hands:

  1. Your id card (it has to be readable with latin letters (preferably an English or German translation).
  2. A piece of paper with your order

UPDATE 2: I sent them the photos with ID. And they activated the account. Very smooth. Port 25 is open by default and you can edit the PTR record. You can have maximum 5 instances with this cheap offer. Very nice. Only EUR 12 per 1 year per instance. Once the ID verification is finished they send you a username and password for their admin panel and you can pay credit/debit or Paypal via the panel.

Thanks again @cmonty14

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