Recommendation for iOS mail client with reliable push support

I’m having issues with push email on iOS 14. Both the Apple Mail client (using Exchange Activesync) and a third-party app (Spark using IMAP) intermittently stop pushing emails. Is anyone else having a problem? I would appreciate a recommendation of a good, stable iOS mail client that reliably supports Push.


in Spark, under settings, you have the choice of Notification to be either All/Smart/No Notification, could it be that?

If you set smart and your mail are junk/mails you don’t read, they won’t notify you.

Thanks, but that’s not it; I had already checked that All is selected under Notifications.

In the meantime, the stock iOS Mail app now seems to be reliably providing push notifications using Activesync; I don’t know why it wasn’t working consistently before. I’ve settled on using that. It’s not as pretty as Spark, Edison and other third-party email apps, but it’s the only one that doesn’t store parts of your emails on their servers. Might as well keep using Gmail in that case. The reason why I got mail-in-a-box in the first place is to get away from hosted solutions with questionable privacy policies - and to learn about DNS and mail servers.


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