Reclassify status warnings for redirected domains

This is just a suggestion, but now that there is a summary on top of the system status checks page, perhaps the entries about the webserver for a particular domain being disabled and a domain being redirected with custom DNS entries shouldn’t be classified as warnings? I think this could use a new category, like Information, or something else.

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I like this idea. I will look into the implementation issues. There are 80+ non-OK checks to review for “info” semantics, only 20 of which are “warnings”…

I would prefer to call this semantic “note” instead of “info” – where “note” means something like “your configuration change is valid, but departs from MIAB’s preferred defaults”.

I looked through the list of warning messages. Here are 4 that I would reclassify as “note”:  output.print_warning("The backup cache directory {} has more than one backup target cache. Consider clearing this directory to save disk space."  output.print_warning("""Web has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record.""")  output.print_warning("""A redirect from 'www.%s' has been disabled for this domain because you have set a custom DNS record on the www subdomain.""" % domain)  output.print_warning("You are running version Mail-in-a-Box %s. Mail-in-a-Box version check disabled by privacy setting." % this_ver)

What do maintainers and @JoshData think of this suggestion for a new semantic? Implementation is trivial. And, most importantly, what symbol should be used to mark the note messages! :wink:

Ah yes, the word I was looking for was ‘notice’, I believe that is the one that is used customarily :slight_smile: I think 🛈 would be perfect for a symbol. Maybe warnings could also switch to something like a :warning: (the unicode symbol, not the emoji discourse changes it to automatically) as well, just a thought.

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