Recived mail from my box, regarding Error Provisioning TLS Certificate

Recieved a mail saying:

I’m going to provision a TLS certificate (formerly called a SSL certificate)
for you from Let’s Encrypt (

TLS certificates are cryptographic keys that ensure communication between
you and this box are secure when getting and sending mail and visiting
websites hosted on this box. Let’s Encrypt is a free provider of TLS

Please open this document in your web browser:

It is Let’s Encrypt’s terms of service agreement. If you agree, I can
provision that TLS certificate. If you don’t agree, you will have an
opportunity to install your own TLS certificate from the Mail-in-a-Box
control panel.

Do you agree to the agreement? Type Y or N and press :
You didn’t agree. Quitting.

the mail is coming from my own mail box

Yeah, this is the new Let’s Encrypt support to automatically provision TLS (SSL) certificates for you. Could you open an issue on github for this so I don’t lose track? It should give a more helpful message.

Hi @JoshData, i was going to open a github issue, but saw that someone already had open one today!

Hi @joelstahre, can you post the github link to this issue, please?