Receiving email from two domains is not impossible

Hello all,
Something really weird is happening to me. After installing and configuring MIAB I configured the DNS records and started doing my sending and receiving tests. I can send and receive basically to all addresses as well as to @gmail mail there are two domains ( and that I do not receive mails. These two domains receive my emails but when they send, I do not receive anything. I checked all the services and the spam folder, nothing abnormal. I’m lost. What to do to remedy this?

The first step is to investigate what the problem is.

Have you checked the mail logs? Perhaps the mails were blocked by Spamassassin.

Did the senders receive a mail delivery failure notice?

Hello Alento,
Thanks for your reply. No, no message or notification indicating any error from senders.

And the mail.log ? What does it show?

Hi Alento,
munin does not appear, so I will look at the server side
Regards doesn’t have a mx record, has one, but probably pointing to the wrong direction

There are two options.

  • point your domains to your DNS server from MiaB
  • use remote dns and use all the settings as provided

sander@m1-sander ~ % host -t mx has no MX record

sander@m1-sander ~ % host -t mx mail is handled by 5

sander@m1-sander ~ % host -t ns name server name server

sander@m1-sander ~ % host -t ns name server name server

OP does not control those domains … they are domains that OP is not receiving messages from.

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